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How is eKiwanis different from traditional Kiwanis clubs?​

All club business for eKiwanis is completed via the internet: through email lists, a chat room, and the website. No weekly meetings are held at a particular location; they are held only in a chat room, so you can join in from any computer! Other than that, eKiwanis is exactly the same as traditional clubs - dedicated to service.


How much time will I have to commit?

No minimum attendance at projects, chats, or events is required for a member. That's the beauty! You decide when you want to participate and what you want to do according to your schedule.


Meetings are for fun and to decide what to do next so you'll want to chat in on as many as you can. Sign up only for the projects you want to do and have time for.


If you'd like to take on some more responsibility, there are many positions available in the club.


How many emails should I expect and what are the computer requirements?

Typically, a few email messages a week. Generally these are reminders of upcoming events and chats and then recaps/minutes of those events and chats. If you sign up for events or join a committee, you should expect a few additional email messages each week.


All you need is an email address and a web-browser with cookies enabled and javascript.






It's simple!

Complete the online application form at:

There are dues in order to be part of this amazing organization. We charge a fee to join the club/organization to cover administrative expenses incurred by the club/organization. A non-comprehensive list of these expenses can be found below. As the dues cover the administrative expenses, 100% of the money raised for various projects goes to support those projects.

How much are dues?

Please visit our dues page to see more information about the current cost to join. The Kiwanis fiscal year runs October 1 through September 30. Kiwanis International also offers a discount to those who were in a Kiwanis Sponsored Youth organization (K-Kids, Builder's Club, Key Club, Circle K, etc) and are under the age of 25.


What do my dues pay for?

  • Liaisons from District and International to counsel our club and give us fresh ideas.

  • District newsletter of projects throughout Pennsylvania.

  • Kiwanis magazine of projects around the world.

  • Insurance for all attendees at projects.

  • Website and other operations costs.

  • Being part of a larger global organization helping to improve the whole world, one club at a time.



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