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What are some sample service projects?

Toy collection and wrapping for the holidays






Helping disadvantaged children and families for the holidays



Food pantries



Volunteering at retirement/nursing homes



Volunteering for organizations that have people with disabilities



Various roles at local charity events

eKiwanis member Megan Thomas participated in the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Harrisburg, PA. Megan and the team she is a part of, Passion for Pink, raised over $2,000. 

The students of Mrs. Poyer's kindergarten class received the "Hero of the Day" trophy after they donated 100 books to the library at Community Shelter Services (Erie, Pa.).

Month-by-Month Projects:


Check out the Month-by-Month page for a list of possible service projects to complete each month.


Online Project Resources:


Check back soon for our Resources page which will house some online resources to use with service projects!


Service Project Resources During COVID:

If you need ideas on service projects that can be complete during COVID, then we have you covered! Please download this PDF for project ideas that can be completed in a socially distance manner on your own or with your family!

Report Service Hours:

Be sure to report your service hours at the end of each month using this form.

My daughter and I spent the afternoon creating gift bags for teens at the Compass House in Buffalo, NY.

Compass House provides safe shelter and services to runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth. Through the voluntary programs at the Emergency Shelter and Resource Center, they provide runaway, homeless and street youth with services in an environment that supports dignity, respect and self-reliance.


Each bag contained six items. We filled the girls' bags with hand sanitizer, lip gloss, tissues, pack of gum, shower puff, make-up bag or toothbrush with case, and small bottles of either body wash, shampoo or lotion.

The boys' bags included tissues, deck of playing cards, bar of soap, gum, red hots, and a toothbrush with case.

We created a total of 48 bags for a cost of $104.00. Time spent was about 3 very enjoyable hours. My daughter will deliver the bags to Compass House this weekend.


Just an example of what we as eKiwanians can do!

                                                                 Lynne Parker Poyer


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